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mobileworld xVan

Portable Invoicing System

for salespersons on the move

The mobileworld xVan application is a state of the art portable invoicing system that enables your mobile sales force to invoice at the Point of Sale in the fastest and most productive way, having a wealth of customer and product information at their finger tips


mobileworld xVan main features


Fast and fully automated issuance of all sales and return documents

Route & Visit Management 

Comprehensive Route and Visit Management based on Sales Forecasting, Product shelf life, geographical data and Point of Sale requirements

Inventory Management 

Up to 3 inventory balances (good, expired and expired next day) per truck. Supports all warehouse product movements (truck to truck, truck to main warehouse etc)

Sales Proposals

Sales and invoicing proposals based on multiple customer and product based statistical algorithms

Hardware Platform

Supports any Android smartphone or tablet (with hardware or software-based bar code reading) and all thermal or matrix printers from major vendors

Maintenance & Support 

Maintenance and support is provided on a 24/7 X 365 basis

Merchandizing Functionality 

Supports the full range of merchandizing functionality within the xVan application (questionnaires, shelf, face and pricing info on own and competitive products etc.)

Lot Management 

Supports integrated lot tracking from warehouse picking, to initial start of day load, to invoicing and to end of day unloading of remaining inventory

mobileworld xVan  - Main Menu

mobileworld xVan - Client Features

mobileworld xVan additional features

mobileworld xVan supports additional features that enhance the role of the xVan driver in the field

Pricing & Discount Management 

Automated adoption at the mobile device of any ERP generated Pricing and Discount policy

Contract Management

Easy & flexible adoption of b2b product range contracts


Promotion Management

Easy, flexible and agile generation of promotional activities

Online & offline capabilities

The system supports both, online & offline operational environments

Our Clients

Some of our indicative clients with whom we are proud to be working with for the past decades


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