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Warehouse Management

Supply Chain Management

The line between disorder and order lies in warehouse management…

Companies that are able to meet customer needs quickly, error-free and at a low cost are gaining a significant competitive advantage in their industry

In today's supply chain management environment, a warehouse is a link with requirements far greater than those of a simple warehouse.

Commercial success is largely based on timely and error-free satisfaction of customer needs, a requirement that cannot be met by companies relying on conventional warehouse management systems and handwritten processes.

"mobileworld Warehouse Management" can be used to manage the entire range of warehouse activities in the same efficient way. From warehouses with cordless terminals to fully automated pick-up-centers, carrousels, etc.

Supply Chain Management

Design, Implement, Control the flow and storage of products


mobileworld Warehouse Management

3rd Party Logistics

Managing multiple 3rd party logistics

Warehouse Services Expense

Keep track and calculate the warehouse services costs

Transaction Monitoring

Transparency and control of all transaction monitoring

Warehouse Optimization

Integration of flow optimization algorithms into the warehouse


Barcoding application in all functions

Date Validation

Production / End Date Support, Lot Number, Internal Lot, Serial Number

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