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UNO Bakeries

nutrient bread production with a 28 year presence in Turkey, a total of 7 factories including Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir & Antalya and a distribution network in Asia & Europe


“We can do better analysis of our sales & quickly see where
someone has stopped buying a product and give them a call.”

“Mobileworld  has helped us become more accurate with our stock management,  has given us the visibility to ensure the correct stock is delivered to the right location. We are also able to see stock levels for each of our customers. We can do better analysis of our sales & quickly see where someone has stopped buying a product and give them a call”
Sales Leader, 

The Challenge

As UNO expanded in Europe and Asia, they found that their existing IT systems weren’t up to the task of providing the visibility they needed to effectively manage sales and customer data. 

As a specialist software product for food manufacturers, "mobileworld Suite" offered to UNO a complete system for managing the financial and operational aspects of their business. The company particular wanted an easier way to access sales and other information.
“We were looking for better analysis of sales and wanting to more quickly be able to compare and review customer activity,” says the Sales Leader.


With the mobileworld, UNO has more visibility of the sales behaviour of their customers

Being able to produce reports and access information easily has not only helped their internal team make better strategic decisions, but also helped to deliver better customer service

Easier to track the sales history of the customer

With the mobileworld, UNO has made the entire sales process simpler and easier

The Business Solution for UNO Bakeries 

mobileworld Suite



Truck and vans in a common network



Merchandisers and pre-sellers in the network field


Mobileworld Suite Tools

Utilizing xVan, Collections, Pre-selling & Merchandizing, Forecasting, Tele-Ordering, Inspectors, Distributor Management, Managing Large Chain Concentrations and more


Support 24/7, 365 days

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